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Oscar's greatest crimes

Oscar’s greatest crimes part 1 :

Academy Awards

10. 72nd Academy Awards | 2000 (1999 Movies)

    . Fight Club wasn’t nominated for Best Scripted Screenplay Scenario:

The nominees for this category were :

  • The Cider House Rules ( won the Oscar)

  • Election

  • The Green Mile 

  • The Insider

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley 


A quick look at the popularity of these movies nowadays in comparison to Fight Club would give you an idea of how horrible this crime was.
The movie is considered a psychological historizing of our internal conflicts.
Fight Club has one of the most shocking twists in cinema history. Along with conversations that are quotable in any situation to articulate our personal thoughts about consummation policies or violence.
That was not good enough for THe Academy tho nominate Fight Club.


9. 77th Academy Awards | 2005 (2004 Movies)

   .Leonardo DiCaprio lost Best Actor Oscar to Jamie Fox

Leonardo DiCaprio lost Best Actor Oscar to Jamie Fox
The favoritism of the Academy towards actors who present characters with disabilities is disturbing. This phenomenon repeated more than once, which exposes an organized pattern of laziness and carelessness.
In 2005 DiCaprio paid the price. The Academy overrode DiCaprio’s perfect embodiment of Howard Hughes. The Oscar went to Jamie Fox, who played Ray Charles blind character in the movie Ray.



8. The 83rd Academy Awards | 2011 (2010 Movies)

   . Not nominating “Inception” for Best Picture

Another phenomenon that took lots of the Academy’s credibility is their magical secret friend’s club. Not all directors or actors are allowed to join in. Just a few have the talent to suck-up to The Academy. Surprise surprise! Christopher Nolan isn’t one of those.
Despite all his well-received movies by both the critics and the viewers, Nolan got only one nomination. It’s for Dunkirk.
To point out the silliness, Inception never got nominated for Best Director.


7. 88th Academy Awards | 2016 (2015 Movies)

   . Not nominating Steve Jobs for Best Adapted Screenplay

Aaron Sorkin’s adapted script from the best seller books Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson didn’t manage to book a spot in the nominations.
The Academy members decided that the Marchin screenplay was a better script.
Steve Jobs movie with its innovative narrative style is considered a big leap in the screenplay adaption technique.









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