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Oscar's greatest crimes

Oscar’s greatest crimes part 2 :




6. 87th Academy Awards | 2015 (2014 Movies)

   . Hans Zimmer’s loss of Best Original Score

Zimmer got seven nominations and one Academy Award for His music in The Lion King. Everyone thought that his astonishing music in Interstellar is going to be rewarded by an Academy Award.
That didn’t happen. presumably, he got punished by the sin of his friend Nolan.
The music of Interstellar is a big part of the movie’s scenes and sequences, very complicated, very exquisite. It surpasses, at times, the cinematography and the actors’ performances.
Listening to this music is an independent experience. It pulls the strings of your emotions, drags you into it like a black hole. You can’t resist the gravity, so let yourself in and sink.



5. 67th Academy Awards | 1995 (1994 Movies)

   . The Shawshank Redemption loss of Best Picture Academy Award

The Shawshank Redemption loss of Best Picture Academy Award
One of the most confusing wonders of the Oscars is that The Shawshank Redemption, the greatest movie in history according to IMDB and the big majority of cinema lovers, lost Best Picture Oscar to Forrest Gump.
The Shawshank Redemption failed to win any of its seven Oscar nominations.



4. 71st Academy Awards | 1999 (1998 Movies)

   . Not nominating Jim Carry for Best Actor Academy Award

Jim Carry has proven, over the years, his abilities to perform confidently in all types of roles.
1999 wasn’t quite the year to make that point to the Academy. Which always pictured Carry as a comedian and nothing else, and he could never get out of his cape.
In the 71st Oscars, a foreign film stood out, Life is Beautiful, with a great performance by Roberto Benigni.



3. 71st Academy Awards | 1999 (1998 Movies)

   .Saving Private Ryan lost Best Picture Oscar

Still in the same year. If we could forgive not nominating Jim Carry, I don’t see how we could do the same with Saving Private Ryan.
The movie lost the Oscar To Shakespeare in Love. And that’s a huge mistake.
Saving Private Ryan brought out a new perspective to the cinema, with a new form of war movies with a strong dramatic narrative.
The movie blessed us with what a lot of critics consider as the Greatest Opening Scene of Cinema History.



2. 87th Academy Awards | 2015 (2014 Movies)

   . Not nominating Jake Gyllenhaal for Best Actor/ Eddie Redmayne won The Oscar instead of Michael Keaton.

The Academy blew our minds again with an idiotic Oscar choice. The laziness and the over-sympathy to Stephen Hawking’s disability damaged the Academy’s trustworthiness again.
The least that can be said is that Eddie Redmayne didn’t deserve the Oscar despite his good performance.




1. 49th Academy Awards | 1977 (1976 Movies)

   . Robert De Niro lost Best Academy Award to Peter Finch from The Network

Through the Academy Award’s History, the Academy Award was given only twice to dead Actors. Lately, Heath Ledger won it in his role in The Dark Knight.
The other one was in 1977 when Peter Finch got it instead of Robert De Niro.
De Niro’s performance in Taxi Driver is the best in the 70s and arguably the best in history. The effect of Travis Bickle continued until this time. That might give you the idea of the enormity of this crime.


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